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Song Muwen could not help but cover his ears, these people really like to add insult to injury, the village head is natural, other people demand severe punishment is reasonable, but the village head in anger to say such a sentence, how can casually heckle? He is really a man without integrity. When Li Guifen saw that Song Muwen had covered her ears, she quickly freed her hands to help her cover them. She didn’t care how those people sprayed feces in their mouths. Just don’t frighten her. Two aunts, three aunts and others all looked at it with a smile, looking like they were watching a good show. They could also see people quarreling at ordinary times. When they were working, they would quarrel with each other, but how could they curse people so well? The village chief was really angry at this time. His head turned red until he reached the root of his neck. He was so angry that his beard turned up. He almost shouted at the top of his voice, “Shut up!”! I have the final say on how to punish you! You’re a bird! Be honest with me. If anyone dares to scream again, go to retting! The people below immediately did not dare to speak, he shouted that maybe the village head did not know that he was him, but the people around him knew that if he was confessed, it would be really miserable. The village chief took a bowl of water and drank it. After a while, he regained his calm. He continued, “Whoever makes a mistake will be punished. Chairman Mao said that you can’t cover up your mistakes, and you can’t help your relatives. You can do what you should do!”! This rule is made by me, and I will be the first to keep it! If anyone dares to oppose Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will be the first to abolish him! The village chief, who is usually kind, has made cruel remarks, which shows that he is really mad. The people below immediately did not dare to speak out,ultrasonic dispersion machine, but the heart is happy, the village head to deal with impartially is the best, to see the usual swaggering people were knocked into the mud, really cool! The village chief took one look at the two women behind him, snorted, and said, “Get out of here. Tomorrow we’ll go to retting. After a month’s retting, we’ll go to work.” The two men stepped off the stage dejectedly, without the appearance of baring their teeth and brandishing their claws. Standing on the stage,ultrasonic cutting machine, the village chief glanced at the silent crowd and said, “I will continue to keep an eye on the things on the stove. If anyone dares to do it again, it will not be as simple as a month’s fat.”. If the fertilizer is not retted well and the crops are damaged, I will not forgive them lightly either! That is, no one can be perfunctory about the work. If the village head finds something fishy, no one can hide from it. Now there are two people missing from the kitchen, so the daughter-in-law of the Song Cai brothers and her third daughter-in-law will come together! The village head even thought about the candidates, and Song Muwen thought about it for a long time before he remembered that Song Cai was his grandfather, Song Cai’s daughter-in-law was his grandmother, and his third daughter-in-law was his third aunt. Whoo! There were two people in the kitchen at once! Tut! Has this entered the power center of Songjiacun? Old Mrs. Song and the third aunt were so excited that they stood up and said in a trembling voice, “We must work hard and never be lazy. We must serve production and construction and contribute to the cause of revolution!” Tut, this quotation from Chairman Mao has not been learned in vain. What he said is really smooth. The village chief finally got a little more comfortable and nodded, “That would be great.”. This production and construction is not a matter for one person, nor is it a matter for two people. Only when everyone works in the same direction can it get better and better. If anyone always thinks about himself and wants to save some effort, then this collective matter will be delayed. If it is delayed, it will affect our socialist construction, and it will be a bad thing. Who can afford this responsibility? And I let everyone listen to the news every day, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic molten metal, listen to national events, just to let you know, although we beat the Japanese, but there is a U.S. imperialism! The Soviet Union also has a bad relationship with us. If the Americans come in, how can the Soviet Union help us? So we have to rely on ourselves, Chairman Mao said, rely on the mountain to fall, rely on everyone to run, only rely on ourselves, is the most reliable. The biggest thing is that we concentrate on construction. We planted food and sent it up. Only when the people outside had enough to eat could they do other things, make guns and cannons, and the soldiers could have the strength to guard the country.
” The village head said it in one breath, and all the people in the village were stunned. Look at the village head. He deserves to be the village head. It’s really deep and high to say this. At this time, the village head is like a great person in everyone’s eyes, like a hero. After a while, everyone guessed the reaction, and then “thunderous applause broke out.”. Song Muwen heard the applause, but also some trance, although this sentence is very vulgar, but written very vivid image ah! Village head sees everybody this reflection, it is to satisfy very much, made fun of those two people, should let everybody understand somewhat, learn somewhat! Things here is a successful conclusion, although Song Muwen to the village head and others full of “Chairman Mao said” very cold, but the way the village head to deal with this matter Song Muwen still feel very good, if such things in the first time did not solve well, then such things will certainly emerge in an endless stream, when the time comes, the village head will be punished heavily. Others will take this matter for example, when the time comes, the village head has sufficient reasons, and no matter how strong his position is, he will be short of breath. Speaking of, finally the biggest winner of this matter is the Song Muwen family, all of a sudden two people to work in the kitchen, how many people envy their family ah! Even if the village head has taught us a lesson today, the greed in our hearts will not disappear completely, and we will still try our best to take things home. When they went back after dinner, many people said congratulations to Mrs. Song and others, good things, and so on, as if Song Muwen’s family really had something big to celebrate. Song Muwen lies on the bed in the evening, sighed deeply, this world, ah, is like this. The work in the kitchen is not heavy, but it is not easy. In summer, it is better. In winter, it is all kinds of cold water to wash vegetables and so on. And other people have less work at the end of the year, so they can relax at home, but they have to stay in the kitchen until the New Year’s Eve. In Song Muwen’s view, it is not a good position,ultrasonic welding transducer, although it does not need to be exposed to the sun and rain, but it will also be smoky, not much better.

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