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“You two have your own strengths, but the rest of us have our own strengths.” “I don’t care about anyone else, but this time I’ve decided!” Wanming and Wanxi were furious. They stood up together and shouted, “Do you want to rebel?” It was a pity that he failed to frighten people. The old man who spoke at the very beginning said, “How did you say that?”? Could it be that you two are the only ones allowed to take good care of your disciples, and the rest of us deserve to have no meat to eat and no soup to drink? “All right!” “A group of seniors are fighting over each other in front of the younger generation. What is the decency?” Angrily rebuked. The crowd was drunk by him, not to mention. Chong Zhao two people are ecstatic: Tian Yingdong is taken seriously more, his two people’s contribution is also bigger! In Sun Li’s mind, Wu Yao suddenly opened his mouth: “Boy, how does it feel to be ignored?” Sun Li said indifferently, “I’m used to it.” “Ha ha ha!” Wu Yao laughs: “Nonsense!”! How can you get used to it? Look at these people. They totally treat you like air. No matter what they think, you have to understand that they are ordinary people, naked eyes, and do not know what is worth cultivating. “Just Baoliu Huigen, his head was broken and bleeding.”. True gold and uncut jade, but discarded like an old shoe. Boy, you must understand that cultivation is that pursuit of my generation. A heart of Tao is as firm as a rock. However, if you can let those who don’t think highly of you, ignore you,Nail machine supplier, despise you and despise you be stunned one by one and leave them far behind on the way of cultivation, that feeling is very cool! If you can enjoy it, why not? Sun Li showed a strange smile in the bottom of his heart: “How can I find that you are very similar to my character?” “Ha ha ha!” Wu Yao laughed like thunder. Luo Huan said in a low voice: “Two narrow-minded guys.” “Bah!” Sun Li and Wu Yao together. Master! “You don’t want to take Tian Yingdong under your door again, do you?” Said Laodao. He said so rudely, and everyone was immediately alerted. Master, you have already robbed Qin Tian before, but you still want to rob Tian Yingdong,Automatic nail machine, how can you not justify it? “Yes, although you are a master, you can’t be so overbearing, can you?” It’s embarrassing to be a false person. Wisdom roots are also divided into three or six or nine grades, and the best ones are naturally the ten famous wisdom roots in the realm of cultivation. In addition to the top ten wisdom roots, there are three levels below. The highest is the first class and the lowest is the third class. Qin Tianzhuan bears the wisdom root of the five elements, which is an extremely rare first-class wisdom root. This wisdom root of the five elements is naturally sensitive to the perception of the five elements, and the speed of practice is several times faster than that of ordinary people. At that time, Qin Tianzhan was brought back, which caused a sensation throughout Subaoshan. False real person spent a lot of effort, also sacrificed a lot of interests, is the Qin Tian cut income. At that time, who would have thought that a small mountain village in Lianhuatai could have a figure with ten wise roots? Su Baoshan will have such good luck, Nail machine supplier ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, not only to get a first-class Huigen disciple, but also to find another ten Huigen! False real person is really not easy to argue, but his heart is bleeding ah. With a sullen face, he glanced at the crowd and said, “Of course I won’t argue any more, but you should be a little more restrained!”! In my opinion, Tian Yingdong should wait until the opening ceremony of the mountain gate and let him decide who to worship as his teacher. As soon as he said this, the thoughts of all the old Taoists immediately came alive: “When the mountain gate is opened?”? That is to say, before this, everyone relies on their own means. The false real man looked at Chong Zhao and said, “Chong Zhao, you have made a great contribution to this school this time. What reward do you want?” Chongzhao hurriedly prostrated himself to the ground and said, “It is my duty to serve this school.”. This is all because God favors me. I dare not be greedy for merit, and I dare not ask for any reward. Although he knew that Chongzhao’s words were not right, he nodded with a little satisfaction: “Be that as it may, the lack of reward for meritorious service also chilled the hearts of other disciples.”. So, from today on, you will manage the spirit animal rental in the spirit animal park. Chongzhao was overjoyed. “Thank you, Shibo!” All right, you go down first. Besides, let the two of them settle down and live with the other disciples first. “As you wish!” From beginning to end, no one asked Sun Li.
As soon as Chongzhao and Chongpu went out with them, they handed Tian Yingdong their hands and said, “Congratulations, Younger Martial Brother Tian!” Tian Yingdong gave a reserved smile and said, “The two Elder Martial Brothers are my guides. Tian Yingdong will always remember this kindness.” The two brothers are waiting for Tian Yingdong this sentence, two people along the way to take care of Tian Yingdong, is not to make good relations with the future strong? Two people laugh at once: “Go, we find a good place to live for the younger martial brother.” When the four of them came out, all the old Taoists in the side hall were about to disperse, but the false real man shouted, “Wait a minute, Younger Martial Brothers. I have something to tell you.” “Master Zhu Yanqing will come to visit us tomorrow, so I decided to postpone the opening ceremony of the mountain gate tomorrow and fully receive Master Zhu.” As soon as this remark was made, all the old people were in an uproar. The opening ceremony of the mountain gate was particularly important, but no one objected to the decision to postpone the opening ceremony in order to receive Zhu Yanqing. Instead, one by one, with a happy look on their faces, they said, “Master Zhu, is that true?” Wanxu nodded his head and looked a little pale: “I also heard that Master Zhu Yanqing was going to refine a new Lingwen array recently, and it needed to be refined with Sanwen fire sacrifice. That’s why I spent a lot of money to leave the relationship. I told Master Zhu that there was a Sanwen fire cave with excellent quality behind the mountain, and I sent someone to collect some fire samples specially for Master Zhu to look at.”. After reading it,Nail machine manufacturer, the old man really approved it. He had already written a book to tell him that he would come to visit us tomorrow and use our fire cave to refine the spiritual pattern array. “Great!” Yiming Laodao was overjoyed: “Master Zhu is a famous spiritual constructor in the realm of cultivation. If you can take this opportunity to get in touch with Master Zhu, as long as he is willing to refine one or two spiritual patterns for us in Subaoshan, you can create two top masters for us.” The spiritual constructor is a very unique existence in the realm of cultivation. It can be said that the spiritual tattoo array is the highest summary of all the achievements of the whole realm of cultivation for hundreds of thousands of years.

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