“The problems in the silk spinning mills are very prominent and must be solved within this year. Cadres cannot be replaced, and the system is not in order. I will fully authorize you.” “The work during the Spring Festival is stable, and how to operate it is up to you.” Coming out of Zhu Minsheng’s office, Hou Weidong felt that the burden on his shoulders was as heavy as Mount Tai. At the same time, he had the pride of being ordered by Chengjin County. He straightened up his chest and went downstairs in high spirits. At half past five, Hou Weidong called Huang Zidi, “Mayor Huang, I want to report to you about the silk spinning factory.” “I was in the office and you were there.” Huang Zidi held a meeting in the province. He was going to Yi Zhongling’s home in the evening, so he hurried back to Shazhou. He was also preparing to call Hou Weidong. Hou Weidong went to the corner office and saw Liu Kun at the door. Compared with a few years ago, Liu Kun had no change. His head was neatly combed, and he looked like a handsome young man. He made a cup of tea for Hou Weidong and sat on one side with his notebook. Hou Weidong made a report on the basic situation of the strike in the silk mill and the spirit of the afternoon meeting. In fact, Huang Zidi already knew the content of the meeting in the afternoon. After listening to Hou Weidong’s report, he said: “Secretary Zhu has given instructions, and the municipal government should earnestly implement them. I have two ideas. First, during the Spring Festival,foldable bulk container, you should fully rely on the team of the silk spinning factory. Secretary Zhu made it very clear that the person who tied the bell should untie it. The enterprise has its responsibility, and the government has its responsibility.” This point should be clearly distinguished. “Second, the problem of silk spinning mills is that state-owned enterprises are crazy. As the saying goes, illness comes like a mountain and goes like a thread. We can’t hope that medicine will cure the disease. We can’t be impatient and leap forward. We must have a historical and scientific attitude towards silk spinning mills.” Hou Weidong listened and pondered: “Huang Zidi’s attitude is very interesting.” He always felt that there was a subtle inconsistency between Huang and Zhu’s expression of meaning, but he couldn’t understand it for a moment. Mayor Huang, I’m going to have a dialogue with the representative of the workers of the silk spinning factory in the evening. What instructions do you have? Huang Zidi said: “The forum in the evening is very necessary. It can find out the workers’ state of mind. At the same time,plastic pallet box, it shows the attitude of the municipal government. You have to prepare carefully. If I have something to do, I will not attend. Liu Kun can go and listen.” Huang Zidi is the mayor of Shazhou. If he is too close to the front line, it will make the government lack of flexibility. This arrangement is more reasonable, but Hou Weidong is a little bored with Liu Kun. He said to himself: “Liu Kun is narrow-minded, and he is such an identity. It’s really hard to avoid him in the future. It’s really annoying.” After dinner in the office canteen, Hou Weidong arrived at the small conference room at seven o’clock. By this time, four or five workers in overalls had arrived at the small conference room. At Yi Zhongling Villa, Huang Zidi, Yi Zhongling, and others sat around the hotpot. Yi Zhongling said, “The three-whip soup is very common, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet bin, but today’s three-whip hotpot is a rare product. This is the tiger penis I got from the zoo at a high price, plus the bull penis and dog penis. It was cooked by a grandmaster, especially for people.” Sitting on the table were two young women of eighteen or nineteen years old. They were twins. After listening to Yi Zhongling’s words, they both covered their mouths and smiled. They had the same look, the same movements, and all kinds of amorous feelings, which made Huang Zidi a little stunned. “What are you laughing at?” Asked Yi Zhongling. “I’ll let you know later.” For Huang Zidi, women are like drugs. Whenever he is alone, he keeps warning him to stay away from women and money. But when Yi Zhongling calls, he always comes to this villa. At eight o’clock, Yi Zhongling said to the young woman, “You go to take a bath and wait for your eldest brother.” The two young women left the table. Yi Zhongling said, “These two people are both from other provinces. They are very safe. They arrived in Shazhou in the afternoon. The eldest brother can rest assured. Tomorrow morning I will send someone to send them away. I will obey the call of the eldest brother at any time.” (End of Chapter 639) Chapter 640 ordered (middle). March Chapter 15, towards the goal of Chapter 311 ……………………………………………………… Hou Weidong had dinner in the office canteen and then walked around the garden outside the canteen for a while.
Starting from the morning, in order to solve the problems of the silk spinning mill, he held meetings in the morning and afternoon respectively, and in the evening he had a dialogue with the workers’ representatives. As the deputy mayor in charge, his work will be directly related to the overall stability of the city, for which he felt heavy pressure. There is calmness in every great event. He thought about the couplet once hung in Zhao Yongsheng’s office and took a walk on the path behind the canteen. At this time, the office canteen was already cleaning. A middle-aged dishwasher was singing happily. Although she was out of tune, the song was full of the joy of labor. After enjoying the happiness of being alone in the woods, Hou Weidong was in a peaceful mood when he returned to the office building. At seven o’clock, he entered the room on time. By this time, four or five workers in overalls had arrived at the small conference room. By the time everyone was ready, Jiang Jin, director of the Planning Commission, said, “There are eight workers’ representatives from the silk spinning mill attending the meeting today. On the government side, there are Vice Mayor Hou, who is in charge of industry, Ouyang District Chief of Dongcheng District, Liu Kun Section Chief of the Municipal Party Committee Office, and Ren Lindu Section Chief. I am Jiang Jin from the Municipal Planning Commission.” “The purpose of this forum is to listen to the real thoughts of the workers, so the leaders of the silk spinning factory are not allowed to attend today. Please speak freely, tell the truth, tell the truth,wholesale plastic pallet, do not exaggerate, do not conceal.” “Ask that master to speak.”. Please introduce yourself before speaking. A worker representative looked at each other, a pair of glasses first way: “Then I come to say I am a technician.”. His name is Wang Jianguo. Throw out a brick to attract jade first. Tell me what I think. Hou Dong opened the notebook in his hand. There is a list of places provided by Yang Bai. Wang Jianguo is one of the technical backbones of the silk spinning mill. cnplasticpallet.com

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