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“Now they’re going to kill me,” she thought. But on no account should the letter tonight fall into their hands. Otherwise, they will persecute poor Yura for a long time. She made the sign of the cross, then grasped the iron railing of the window with one hand and stretched out as far as she could to look into the street. After a while, as usual, the bouquet tied to the reed pole was delivered to her. But as she hurriedly pulled the flowers off the pole, the pole hit the stone balcony. There were two shots, and then silence. His brother Fabivo couldn’t figure out what was going on in the dark, and thought it was a rope that had hit the balcony. With the help of the rope, Eula slipped down from his sister’s bedroom and fired a shot at the window railing. The next day, she found bullet marks in the iron railings. Master Gumbilali fired a shot into the street, for Yura made a noise as she held the falling pole. As for Yura, he heard a noise overhead, guessed what had happened, and hid under the balcony. Fabivo quickly reloaded his musket, said a word to his father,grey marble slab, ran into the garden, quietly opened a small door facing the street, and crept out to look at the people walking under the balcony. Yura was with someone that night. He was now only twenty paces from Fabivo, leaning against a tree. Ai Lei leaned over the window railing, trembling with anxiety for her lover. She immediately spoke loudly to her brother and asked him if he had killed the thief. He shouted to her in the street, “Put away your tricks!” He strode around and said,Marble Granite Price, “You’re going to cry!”! I will kill the scoundrel who dares to climb your window. As soon as the words fell, her mother knocked on Ailei’s door. She hurried to open the door and said that she had bolted the door in a muddle. Her mother said to her, “Don’t play tricks with me, my darling.”. Your father is angry and may kill you. Come and lie on my bed with me. If you have any letters, hide them for me. “There is a bunch of flowers, and the letter is hidden in the flowers,” said Ai Lei. As soon as the mother and daughter went to bed, Master Gumbilali went into his wife’s room. He just searched the prayer room and turned everything upside down. Ai Lei was surprised to find that her father’s face was as pale as death. He acted calmly, as if he had made up his mind. “I can’t live,” Alley thought. “We are so lucky to have children.” The father said as he passed the mother’s bedside and went to the daughter’s bedroom. He shuddered with anger, but pretended to be calm. How lucky we are to have children. Especially the daughter. We will shed blood and tears for them. Oh my God! Is this true? A man of sixty, Slate Wall Panel ,Calacatta Nano Glass, who has never had a word of gossip, is now disgraced by their light bones. As he spoke, he went to his daughter’s room. Alley said to her mother, “It’s over. The letter is under the pedestal of the crucifix by the window.” The mother immediately jumped up and ran after her husband, looking for her husband and quarreling with him, which aroused his anger. As she wished, the old man got angry and smashed everything he saw in his daughter’s room. Mother took the opportunity to pick up the letter. An hour later, Master Gumbilali returned to his room next to his wife’s bedroom. Everything has calmed down. The mother said to her daughter, “This is your letter, and I don’t want to read it.”. You see, it almost caused a disaster! I’d burn it. God, embrace me. Ai Lei went back to her room and burst into tears. After hearing her mother’s words, she seemed to feel that she no longer loved Yura. Then she prepared to burn the letter. But before she lit the fire, she could not help reading again. She read and read, so intently that when the sun was high, she listened to her mother’s advice and bent over the letter. The next day was Sunday, and Alley and her mother went to the chapel. It’s a good thing my father didn’t come. At the church, the first person she saw was Yura. At a glance, she was relieved that he was not hurt. She was so relieved that she threw everything that happened in the night into Java. Before she went out, she prepared five or six small pieces of paper, which were wrinkled and covered with mud, and looked like the words thrown on the flagstone floor of the church. She wrote the following notice on the scrap of paper: They found everything except his name. He doesn’t want to show his face in the street. People will come here often. Ellie dropped a piece of paper and looked at Yura. He picked up the paper and went away.
An hour after Alley got home, she found a piece of paper similar to the one she had used in the morning on the grand staircase of the house. When her mother wasn’t looking, she picked up the paper. It read: “He has to go to Rome and return in three days.”. On the day of the market, about ten o’clock, in the open air, he will sing in the noise of the peasants. Alley seemed to find his trip to Rome a little strange. “Is he afraid of my father’s musket?” She thought gloomily. Love can forgive everything but heartlessness. This is the most painful torture. Life is not a dream lingering in sweetness, not a reason to like a lover all day long. Life is full of cruel doubts. During the three long days of Yura’s absence, Alley often thought, “Anyway, can I believe that he doesn’t love me?” At noon on the third day, Eray found Yura walking in the street in front of the palace, and a burst of ecstasy dispelled the pain. Ulla was really perky in her new clothes. His manner had never been so free and easy, and his face had never been so happy. In the past, the people of Alba did not talk about the poverty of Eula as they do today. Men, especially young men, kept repeating the ugly word “poverty”,Porcelain Marble Slabs, while women, especially girls, kept praising him for his style.

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