Jiang Ning threw the movie ticket in the drawer of his study and read the script on his desk. She did not intend to invite Fu Beixian to watch a movie in a couple’s seat. It seems that her mind is very clear. It’s too embarrassing. At half past six in the evening, Fu Beixian got off work on time. He saw Mrs. Fu’s mood in his eyes these days, and just wanted to wait for her to calm down before preparing to coax her. When Aunt yuan saw Fu Beixian coming home, she immediately greeted him and said, “Sir, Madam is in the study.” “I’m not in a good mood today.” “In a bad mood?” Fu Beixian hesitated a little on his cold face, then gently jawled his head, “There’s no need to prepare dinner tonight.” He has ordered dinner. yuan Yi is happy relaxed: “Good, you go to see madam quickly.” Fu Beixian pushed open the door of the study and his eyes fell on his usual seat. Jiang Ning lay on the table with her back to him, her long eyelashes closed tightly, sleeping soundly, her white face pressing on her slender arms, pressing on her snow cheeks,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, making her moist red lips slightly beep up, like a kiss. Putting the thin contract in his hand on the table, Fu Beixian came forward and satisfied her request. Uh Jiang Ning was so close that he couldn’t breathe. His long eyelashes trembled several times, and he struggled to open his eyes. Into the eye is the man’s handsome face, bottomless eyes, churning with dangerous emotions. Jiang Ning suddenly bounced up and hit his head on the man’s clear chin. Hiss. It hurts. “What’s wrong with you,wire nail machine manufacturers, kissing me secretly??” Chapter 49 Fu Beixian did not have the panic of being caught. She pecked her lips and replied calmly, “You asked me to kiss you.” Jiang Ning immediately fried hair: “Who let you kiss!” ” She has been sleeping all the time. Incorrect Did she talk in her sleep? Subconsciously covering her red lips, Jiang Ning blinked her eyes. She didn’t say anything strange in her sleep. Jiang Ning bit his lower lip and hummed softly, “I fell asleep, but you didn’t fall asleep. You took advantage of me while I was sleeping!” “And sophistry!” In the face of Mrs. Fu’s questioning. Fu Beixian’s body turned, and under Jiang Ning’s eyes, he calmly sat down opposite her. Taking advantage of the situation, he pushed the thin contract on the table in front of her. His tone was gentle and heavy. He coaxed her patiently: “It was you who pouted and begged me to kiss you.” Jiang Ning felt guilty: “… …” She really dreamed of Fu Beixian, and her cheeks were flushed in an instant, Nail production machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, so she held her face uncontrollably and refused to admit it: “You talk nonsense, you talk nonsense, it’s your fault.” When I lowered my head, I accidentally glanced at the big words of the contract out of the corner of my eye. The words suddenly stopped. This is “As an apology.” “Fu Beixian’s tone was slow and unhurried.” I reluctantly accepted it. Jiang Ning’s originally cloudy mood suddenly brightened a lot, and he picked up the female contract that had recently been snatched by many Tsing Yi women in the circle, and his eyes were curved to appreciate it. Until. The next second. Heard Fu Beixian slowly added a sentence: “As a candlelight dinner that night’s apology.” Jiang Ning just recovered from the white face, Teng all of a sudden, re-dyed with a beautiful blush. You, you, you.. His watery eyes became more and more ashamed and indignant, and his small mouth was open, and he could not speak for a long time. Really touched in vain! Fu Beixian was almost amused, and stood up lightly: “I booked a restaurant and went out to eat tonight.” Jiang Ning knew that he was teasing her, so angry that he wanted to hammer the dog man to death, and finally he put up with the contract. Wow, the heroine is hers. But did the director follow Fu Jinzhu so easily? “Wait for me and change my clothes.” If you’re going out on a date, you can’t dress too casually. Jiang Ning disliked looking at Fu Beixian in a suit and leather shoes, not like going out on a date, but like going to a business meeting. Gently raised his eyes: “You also change a suit, with all due respect, this is too old-fashioned.” “I don’t want to be called a daughter and a father outside.” “……” Fu Beixian calmly looked in the mirror for a long time. In a few seconds. He took out his mobile phone and took a picture and sent it to the group.
Fu Beixian: [Am I old-fashioned?] Zou Cheng: [Old] Mu Huai: [really old] Xie Anran: [Not only old-fashioned, but also rustic] At this point in time, I suddenly sent this kind of photo to ask if I was old. How could a few men in the group who were as smart as an old fox not understand what was going on. It must be Mrs. Fu who hit General Manger Fu’s sensitive heart with her age again. Fu Beixian: [blacklist warning JPG.] Fu Beixian stored the emojis sent to him by Jiang Ning one by one. At first, he wanted to have a common language with his young wife and promote family harmony. Later, he found that it was really easy to use emojis. At least he can express his thoughts without typing. Mu Huai: [Don’t tell me, brother-in-law, you were really young when you posted your love package.] Only young girls like to use this kind of expression package. Really did not see, their family is known as pure heart and few desires asexual reproduction single life has nothing to do with the universe straight male brother-in-law, unexpectedly still has this kind of girl mind. Zou Cheng: [Tell me the truth] In the end, Xie Anran was really afraid that Fu Beixian would do what he said and disband the group. He asked a key question: “Do you want to go out on a date?” Fu Beixian: [Um] Zou Cheng said exaggeratedly, “You dress like you are going to a funeral on a date. Your sister-in-law only dislikes your old age. It’s really very gentle.” The next second. [Zou Cheng has been kicked out of group chat..] Fu Beixian continued to ask as if nothing had happened: [So what to wear?] Mu Huai: [Elder brother, do you still remember the gift box I gave you for your birthday this year? There are dating equipment you can wear in it. Sister-in-law will be fascinated by you.] There is no doubt that Mu Huai’s mobile phone has been requisitioned by his wife,Nail machine supplier, Fu Beixian’s sister, Fu Yinsheng. Fu Beixian took his cell phone. Think for a moment in the floor mirror. Then he remembered that he had not had time to open the birthday gift from his sister. After waiting for Fu Beixian to open the gift box, Jiang Ning did not know when to stand behind him and looked at the two sets of couples in the gift box in surprise: “It looks good.” 。 3shardware.com

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