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A group of heartless teammates, no matter what kind of entertainment Blue and White had just provided for them, immediately encouraged Chen Bin to retaliate and burst out the black materials of Blue and White. After the blue and white is Lin Wei, Xiao Cang, anyway, everyone has not been spared. Very not easy Jiangjin village ghost gas, is to be beaten to cover the past, tonight at least everyone can sleep well, who knows, when they get up to go back to the room, from the deck below faintly came the cry of the girl. Yongye immediately felt a chill all over. The panic that had just been concealed came up again. Sh, sh, sh. What’s that sound? Yongye twisted his neck stiffly and looked at Chen Bin. But Chen Bin frowned, pushed him away, went out of the restaurant and looked down. Two seconds later, he immediately turned around and said, “Xiaoya, call the captain.”. Red Wolf, speed down. “I know.” The Red Wolf is already running down. What’s the situation? Yongye came from behind. Someone is going to jump into the sea! Chen Bindao. I don’t know whether it was the boat that shook or the feet of Yongye were weak,316 stainless steel plate, but he was so frightened that he fell to the ground. Yongye really felt that his whole person was not good. Today is not very good from Jiangjin Village, and then more and more bad. Now I may have to witness a man jump into the sea! Yongye vowed never to enter Jiangjin Village again. He didn’t want to go anywhere now. He just wanted to find a corner to hide and draw a small circle. After a group of people rushed down, the situation of the girl who jumped into the sea was basically clear. The basic thread is very straight and very bloody, that is, a couple get on the boat together, and as a result, the man falls in love with a show girl on the boat. Then the template plot that the woman is going to die or live. Fox with Nine Tails At this time,uns c70600, everyone’s face is very complicated. The main thing is that they have just heard a rather similar story. Think about it. Even Chen Bin’s first love girl encountered such a set of sharp moves. The little red heart that was hit by a sharp knife again and again did not run to seek death. What else in the world is hard to get over? The doctors and sailors on the ship were ready for rescue. And many professional players also ran out in their pajamas, looking at a “cold tomorrow” posture.. “Chen Bin.” Ye Jiaoyang’s voice rang from behind. Get up? Chen Bindao. Well, “Ye Jiaoyang shook his head and hooked his hands,” I left you right? Copy it. Because there were already several staff members trying to persuade the girl to jump into the sea, which attracted her attention. If someone can block the shadow, just by the dim light, slowly move over, pull the girl down, the matter will be solved. However, Chen Bin shook his head: “Water war is not my strong point.” Ye Jiaoyang yawned, opened his half-drunk and half-awake eyes, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Forget it.”. It’s just, x52 line pipe ,x60 line pipe, it’s not easy to come across this kind of thing. I always feel a little unwilling to stand by! A group of fans were speechless on one side. It’s better to be serious about saving people! When Chen Bin refused Ye Jiaoyang’s team, suddenly a figure dressed in the gray clothes of a kitchen handyman rushed in. Because they are also wearing the clothes of the staff. The other staff did not react and did not stop it. In the twinkling of an eye, the figure had rushed to the side of the ship. And. He has no intention of stopping! “Whoa.” The figure darted to the side of the boat and immediately opened its mouth. He began to cry crazily, louder than the girl who jumped into the sea. More sad. As soon as he cried, the girl who jumped into the sea was frightened and dared not cry. Of course, I forgot to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. Why did you jump into the sea? Isn’t the boyfriend running away? What’s the big deal? Jump into the sea? What’s there to jump? Jump in the shark is too lazy to eat you, “the figure instantly cried to the full grid attribute,” to jump, I should jump first.. ” There was an explosion on the deck.
After a long time, another one will jump into the sea! “Well, brother, have a good talk.” “Say what?”? What is there to say? The man turned and went out of the boat. He pointed at the girl who jumped into the sea and shouted, “You, do you know?”? I for a team, on the mountain of knives, under the sea of fire, from dawn to dusk, spare no effort, but I have been abandoned, has not been recognized, I was the president of the team guild, they casually found a reason to drive me away, but, it doesn’t matter, I set up another guild, from scratch to build up the team’s subordinate guild affiliated guild. They found someone to take over. There was silence on the ship. That person spat: “Yes, I am driven away again, the guild that builds from oneself is driven away.”. But it doesn’t matter! They do not want me, this can not stop my determination to pay for their own team, this time I did not form a guild, but the formation of underground intelligence to prevent, to provide resources for our team intelligence.. “Driven away again?” Someone asked in a death-defying manner. Can your psychology be a little sunny? The man rolled his eyes. “This time, I did a good job and provided a lot of information for the team. Although they didn’t reply to my email once, I knew that my efforts contributed to the strength of the team..” But “Have you been driven away this time?” This time? This time, the whole team was taken away for investigation, the team leader was imprisoned, and the team was on the verge of dissolution! My efforts, everything I have paid, have no meaning. Whoa, whoa, whoa. In addition to the staff on board, basically all of them had played sword fights,x70 line pipe, and at first they were still in the clouds. Can listen to this sentence, suddenly all a sensation. The whole team was taken away for investigation? Leader in prison? Isn’t that the Zhan Ge Team? And this man claimed to be the first president of the subordinate guild of the war team. Suddenly, the expression on everybody’s face is neat and uniform: “lie trough!”! Are you the legendary war without injury?! ———————— Roll all over the ground and ask for a monthly ticket. Chapter 1110 brain-damaged and determined to fight without injury. lksteelpipe.com

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