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A pale-bearded old man of the giant clan came slowly from a great distance. Wherever he passed, all the adults of the giant clan showed sincere respect and greeted him repeatedly: “The old man of the clan.” The old man of the giant clan is rather thin, like an ancient tree that is about to die. There is no divine light on his body, and his muscles are atrophied, giving people a feeling that the tree will enter the cycle of reincarnation. Grandpa Shan. When Xiaoman saw the old man coming, he grinned brightly, “I finished the trial.” He shook the collar on his neck and said proudly, “Am I faster than my father?” “Good boy.” The giant old man rubbed his hair, which was as messy as a bird’s nest, and said kindly, “You are better than your father, and you will surpass your father in the future.” Xiaoman clenched his fist heavily and said firmly, “I can help my father in the future!” “Well, you are a real soldier.” The old man of the giant clan sighed lightly, nodded his head and said, “If you become a real warrior, you can’t be carefree as before. You can’t stay on the mountain forever.” “I want to protect my brother in the clan!” Xiaoman said with a straight face. The old man of the giant clan sighed again, a little bleak and helpless. He immediately said to Xiaoman, “Your grandmother is in the back hill. Go and congratulate your grandmother. I’ll talk to your friend.” “Well, I’m on my way.” Xiaoman was very obedient. He immediately looked at Shiyan and said earnestly,Low Rpm Electric Motor, “Wait for me. I’ll take you to play later. We are all good people here. We won’t hurt you.” Shi Yan smiled, “I know you are all good people.” Xiaoman left with a smile. As soon as he left, a giant warrior gathered silently around him and stood around Shiyan and his party, as if towering giant trees had covered the light. Everyone was under pressure and felt uncomfortable. Even Phelan, here, suddenly became very silent, frowning and looking up at the huge magical race,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, waiting for something. Where do you come from? How did you get here? The old man of the giant clan finally asked leisurely. His voice was not loud, but it was still deep and powerful. Coming from the flaming star field and entering here through the void passage. Phelan answered. I haven’t heard of this star field. The old man of the giant clan looked surprised. “Where is the void passage you came from?”? In the middle of the forest? Phelan shook his head. “After we passed through the void passage, we landed in the forest, but we couldn’t find the void passage.” The giant elder frowned. “What do you know about us?” “I know nothing.” Phelan continued to answer. Then what is the purpose of your existence? He asked again. I’m looking for someone. Phelan hesitated for a moment and pointed to the people around him. “They want to find a better place to practice.” “Elder, are there any other creatures here besides your race?” Shi Yan suddenly interrupted. What other creatures are you referring to? The old man of the giant clan did not answer the rhetorical question. For example, the Protoss, the Demons, the Demons, the Hades, the Corpses. The old man’s face suddenly fell. In the middle of Shi Yan’s words, he stopped and looked at him carefully. What races are there in your star field? The old man took a deep breath, his eyes were sharp, and he asked with a frown. Shi Yan looked at Phelan. Phelan immediately explained: “He said the race, we have most of the star field, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,small geared motors, but not your race.” “I have seen the people of your giant race in my native land.” A corpse. Shi Yan called softly. The old man of the giant clan shook his body and did not look at Phelan again. His eyes all converged on Shiyan. “What’s the name of your native land?” “The land of divine grace.” Chapter 882 the virtual world. More than a dozen giant clansmen suddenly became excited, and the huge body of the gods even trembled gently, and their eyes were like big diamonds, bursting with dazzling divine light. The old man of the giant clan, his eyes burning, stared at Shiyan for a moment, his lips trembling, and for a moment he could not even speak. Phelan, Liana, Cassius, and Jester, a group of warriors from the Flaming Star Domain [ “Wen], who did not know where [” people] were, frowned [ “book] and looked at him [” house] with puzzled eyes and did not know how to interrupt.
“Ancestral land!”! It’s ancestral land! “Clan Lao, it’s ancestral land!” “My God, I can see people from my ancestral land!” The warriors of the giants, after a brief silence, exploded and shouted one after another, like the rumbling of thunder in the sky, ringing through the giant mountains. The old man of the giant clan, also full of excitement, looked at Shiyan’s eyes, showing brilliant divine light, exhausted divine body, also seemed to glow with vitality, came a very strong fluctuation of Qi and blood. Shiyan could not calm down, his expression was shocked, and he looked at them incredibly, “You, like me, are also from the land of divine grace?” “No, it’s not quite the same.” The old man of the giant race, who recovered his calm for a long time, shook his head with a wry smile. “We were not born in the ancestral land. We were not lucky. We were born in this star of life. But our ancestors, like you, came from the land of divine grace.” Shi Yan was surprised. Ancestors have fallen, the older generation of clansmen have not been able to hold on to the present, and we were all born later. But we know that our ancestral land is the land of divine grace. The old man of the giant clan sighed and said with emotion, “I didn’t expect that after tens of thousands of years, people from the ancestral land would come here. It’s really a miracle.” More than a dozen giant warriors, but also agitated unceasingly, have asked Shiyan, the ancestral land is now what kind of a situation. Shi Yan’s face sank. With a sigh, he explained with a wry smile,Small Geared Motors, “The energy of heaven and earth in the land of divine grace is coming to an end. It is no longer suitable for the survival and cultivation of warriors. I left there in order to find a hope for my relatives and a new place to stay.” The people of the giant clan, listening to what he said, all showed the color of consternation and looked at the old man of the giant clan subconsciously.

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