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“The night of the Blood Moon represents the most dangerous period of time on our Black Blood Plateau, and every once in a while, the moon here will suddenly turn blood red.”. And when the blood moon appears in the night sky, the Warcraft with fierce animal blood in the Black Blood Plateau will become several times stronger than before. And at that time, they will become very violent, and all the creatures that appear in their sight will be the targets of their attacks. “Mmm.” After nodding doubtfully, Zhou Tian looked at those people, but then asked: “How long will the last night of the blood moon appear?” Looking at each other, those people shook their heads at the same time, and then replied to Zhou Tian with certainty: “The night of the blood moon happened very suddenly. Neither the prophet’s prediction nor the power of magic can measure the time when the night of the blood moon happened. Therefore, we don’t know when the night of blood moon will happen.” Unconsciously, Zhou Tian’s face after listening to the words of those people is a few minutes black, after all, Zhou Tian to the black blood high originally but in order to break through the top of the bottle. So it is impossible for Zhou Tian to live directly in the territory of a strong man like others. Except for a few times when he will find a place to stay, it is estimated that Zhou Tian will spend most of his time living in the wild on the Black Blood Plateau. And if there is such a “blood moon phenomenon” in the Black Blood Plateau, then it is not good news for Zhou Tian. At the beginning, Zhou Tian was a basin of ten thousand snakes, and relying on the group of snakes,Time Delay Faucet, he had already played a strong fighting force. Now, since there is a risk that the Black Blood Plateau may appear at any time, groups of snakes are already so terrible. When Warcraft appears in groups, the destructive power they can exert will naturally be even more terrible. Just thinking about the horror of Warcraft in the night of the Blood Moon, Zhou Tian didn’t want to go out very much. Of course, that idea is in Zhou Tian’s mind, although Zhou Tian’s strength is very easy. But this does not mean that Zhou Tian really does not know anything,Flush valve price, as an otaku, perhaps Zhou Tian’s mind is not very strong, but in terms of theoretical knowledge, Zhou Tian here is absolutely a set. In the normal state, although Zhou Tian has a certain inertia, but in the face of major events related to their future achievements, Zhou Tian still has such a little determination. Zhou Tian, who finally decided to leave, once again looked at the dark professionals under the Venerable Joy, but suddenly asked them curiously: “Why do you want to take refuge in the Venerable Joy, just to have a backer on the night of the Blood Moon?” Lowering their heads and looking at each other, those dark professionals finally did not answer Zhou Tian’s question, probably before they did not understand Zhou Tian’s character, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, they did not dare to be too presumptuous in front of Zhou Tian! Seeing the performance of those people, Zhou Tian suddenly felt bored. Although Zhou Tian did not think that those people really said what they thought in their hearts, but now the performance of those people is too careful, so that Zhou Tian after watching their performance, it is difficult to give birth to any good feelings for them. At the same time, he already knew the news he wanted to know, but Zhou Tian did not have the mind to talk to them. With a casual wave of his hand, Zhou Tian motioned for those people to disperse, but he walked toward the room where the Venerable Joy lived. Although Zhou Tian had already made up his mind to go out, he had not made much preparation before Zhou Tian. Before departure, Zhou Tian still needs to replenish something at the gathering point of the Venerable Joy. Not a place can get all the supplies, a place has the characteristics of a place, especially like the Black Blood Plateau, which has been demonized, in addition to food, clothing, housing and transportation can barely be said to be universal, some combat supplies, but absolutely every place will change.
Although professionals are said to have a strong strength that civilians do not have, before they are strong enough to fight against nature, in general, in a specific environment, they still need to use other things bred by nature to fight against local harmful things. Just like before, Zhou Tian had encountered many troubles, either suddenly poisoned or suddenly cursed. Although some of this is man-made, most of it is absolutely due to the ability of special animals and plants produced by the environment of the Black Blood Plateau. Although Zhou Tian said that he had the corresponding idea, it was the first time he had entered the Black Blood Plateau, even if he knew what he should do, but because he did not prepare early, Zhou Tian had suffered a lot in the previous environment. Had it not happened that Zhou Tian brought the Buddha’s relic out and eliminated all his negative state by virtue of the positive energy of the Buddha’s relic, it is estimated that Zhou Tian did not know how much Reiki it would take to reach the territory of the Happy Venerable safely. Having learned the lesson before, Zhou Tian would be so anxious to enter the territory of the Venerable Joy as a supply. But Zhou Tian probably did not think that he would have a conflict with the Venerable Joy, and in the conflict between the two sides also occupied the absolute upper hand, not only was not driven away by the other side, but instead killed the other side also occupied his lair. While ordering people to send over what they needed, Zhou Tian had already walked into the house where the Venerable Joy lived. Have to say, may be the conditions do not allow, or is afraid of the reason why the tree catches the wind, anyway, on Sunday to the Black Blood Plateau for such a period of time, but it has been found that the accommodation conditions of the Black Blood Plateau is really not generally bad. Most of what Zhou Tian saw, the buildings on the Black Blood Plateau seemed to be all at the level of the Stone Age,Flush Retrofit Kit, and even the location where the Happy Venerable lived, apart from being a little taller, there was actually no obvious difference.

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