Duan Jinxiu sneers: “Didn’t I tell you?”? Can you change a new word? I’m tired of listening to these words over and over again! Tang Ran, this king tells you that even if you rob a woman, it also depends on whether you have the ability. Yes The king really used despicable means to provoke you and Yin Hongxue, the king is like beauty, took a fancy to this in your arms! You can only admit your bad luck! More unfortunate is-this king loves red snow, red snow also loves this king, and you are superfluous at all! Tang Ran Leng Chi. I have seen cheeky and shameless people in the world. But Duan Jinxiu is really an unprecedented “first person”! Duan Jinxiu added, “Do you think I am shameless?”? Have you ever asked if you were wrong? “We are not wrong!” He lowered his voice and cursed. Obviously, Tang Ran, you are full of flaws. You love Yin Hongxue too much. You love her but don’t keep a close eye on her. You deserve to be exploited by the king! You and red snow are not suitable, the crack between you, this king on a small pry. As a result, the crack is getting bigger and bigger, and you can’t end it yourself. The king had no choice but to take the beauty away. You don’t know how to take pity on the beauty, but the king does. “Only a mean and shameless person can make such an unreasonable excuse for himself!” Tang Ran stared at him with his godless eyes. Duan Jinxiu hated even more: “You are the one who is despicable and shameless. You occupied Hongxue’s first night. You don’t cherish her and don’t love her. The king bewitched her, but you ruined her and raped her. Tang Ran-your so-called love is just so so!” “Get out!”! We don’t want to talk to disgusting people/demons! Don’t sleep! Hurts you (2) “Get out-Ben Wang just likes to talk to you-why,custom cosmetic packaging, what about the momentum last night?”? Don’t you want to take away the red snow? Ben Wang asked you to rob. It’s just that the ending is obvious that Red Snow won’t follow you back. “That’s what you said yourself-when the time comes, you can’t complain!” Duan Jinxiu sat in front of the bed with his arms in his arms, laughing: “You love Hongxue is not firm enough, even without Duan Jinxiu-it’s the same result for someone else!”! Tang Ran, you take a good look, what is the perfect match,eye cream packing tube, and you-simply do not touch the edge! “A perfect match made in heaven?” Tang ran a dumb laugh, he said sarcastically, “How long can your match last?”? How long do you have? You and I are the people who use poison-we know the poison very well. How long do you want to dominate her? When you’re dead-and she’s left alone in the world, she’s still ours! Hong Xue won’t go with you-whether she lives or dies, she will be with Duan Jinxiu, not Tang Ran.
” Tang Ran laughed even more sarcastically: “You still have the face to accuse our love of being overbearing, so what about you?” Aren’t you the same? What right do you have to take her with you! She is still young, there are many years to live and enjoy, your selfishness is to take her to sleep together, in the end. Who is mean? Who is redundant? Words are not congenial No, it should be said that it was stung by Tang Ran’s words, pump tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, Duan Jinxiu bit his lips. I put my hand directly on his wound! “Uh..” “It hurts?”? You deserve to die! Had it not been for Red Snow, Ben Wang would not have picked you up and cured you! You this.. The words were so loud that the sleeping red snow on the couch turned over, and he saw her getting up! Don’t let Hongxue know that he provoked Tang Ran! Duan Jinxiu hurriedly helped him tuck in the quilt: “Sleep even if it hurts!”! Close your eyes and stop talking! Tang Ran could not see clearly, but this did not affect his hearing, heard the other end of the footsteps up, there is a little movement downstairs! He stood up in pain. “Red Snow?”? Why don’t you sleep? Busy with Gu Hongxue, he looked back and saw Tang Ran sitting on the edge of the bed, “Why did you sit up?”? Tang Ran, are you crazy? Why don’t you lie down-I said you.. “Well..” Don’t sleep! Hurts you (3) The chattering words were covered by the palm of the red snow. She put her hand on his shoulder, mysteriously and nervously. “Shh, don’t talk.” “Uh..” She won’t hear him and Tang Ran’s scolding, will she? How do you explain that? Red snow bypasses him, she walks to Tang Ran side: “What do you get up to do?”? Lie down Tang Ran followed the sound and raised his face, with the warm words of Hongxue. Enough. “Don’t treat us like crap,” he said. “We can.” “Yes what?”! You can’t see it now. How can you have the strength to deal with them? “Do you want to deal with it alone?” Duan Jinxiu inexplicable, heard the red snow and Tang Ran dialogue, the heart of a burst of sour out: “What are you talking about-how can I not understand?” Tang Ran sneered, “You don’t know martial arts. Of course you don’t understand. Waste!” “Tang, you-” Are we wrong? Do you know martial arts? “Even if you don’t know martial arts, will the king stop you from dying?” “Stop arguing!” Red snow pulled him close to Tang Ran, Duan Jinxiu looked, hurriedly retreated to the side, he stubbornly said, “I don’t want to sit side by side with him!”! Red Snow, I stand with you! She opened his hand, not in the mood to play with him at this time, she pointed to the downstairs seriously, said: “There is a murderous look-you and Tang Ran together, I go down to see!” A murderous look? She needs a woman to go down and check the movement? Duan Jinxiu, of course, would not agree: “You can’t go!” “I won’t go and see-what if they come up?” She and Tang Ran have a consensus, afraid that these strange people downstairs are chasing Tang Ran here! “Kill it and kill it.” Duan Jinxiu pointed to the old man sitting beside the bed, “They want him, throw him out-” throw him out to feed wolves and cats, save trouble! Hong Xue smiled angrily and helplessly: “If you throw it out, it can be solved. Can it still be called Jianghu?” All related to Tang Ran, if those people want to kill,plastic packaging tube, she and Duan Jinxiu can not run away! She patted the man on the shoulder and compromised, “I’ll go and have a look. I won’t fight with them. You stay here with Tang Ran!” Don’t sleep! Hurts you (4) “Are you sure you don’t want to do it?” Hong Xue spread out her hands and coaxed the child to say, “I don’t have a silver needle or a hidden weapon. How can I do it?”? I’ll go and see who’s coming downstairs. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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