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Such a world, especially for those who have never seen such green flowers and plants in the black earth, seems to be in a dream, all intoxicated looking at the world, which is too shocking and weird, because this bamboo, the world has been buried for at least thousands of years, but it is still so vibrant. What’s that? Someone pointed to a huge object suspended in the air in the distance and exclaimed. Is it a floating flat ground? There’s someone up there! It’s the Demons! “That pressure is transmitted from above. What is there above?” “Quick, there may be hidden treasures from ancient times, which may be enough to change the present world pattern!” Baiyun followed the group of people galloping in that direction, and the closer he got, the more terrible the pressure was, which forced him to urge Zifu yuanying to resist, but instead of releasing thunder and lightning, it was ordinary gold gas. Chiyo suddenly felt the breath, eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but did not ask what: “How on earth did this happen?” A moment later, when the crowd galloped closer, they looked up at the floating earth in the sky, which was more than ten miles in size, and exclaimed deeply. What a terrible pressure! Even Yu Kong is hard to do! All of them wanted to fly to the top, but it was extremely difficult. The frightening breath made the vitality slack and ineffective. Some people even called out defensive instruments to resist and slowly rose into the air,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but it was still difficult to reach the sky. Only a hundred miles away from the suspended earth, when outside, a few breaths can flash, but at the moment it is like a gap that is difficult to cross. And at this time, a ding, the figure is very fast in the air to step away, so that people are amazed. It’s him! It’s really him! What a first devil! Chiyojue gazed at the figure and recognized in an instant that it was the real first demon, the black white cloud. He doesn’t seem to have a big limit! What’s wrong Baiyun is not without restrictions,oil dropper bottle, Zifu yuanying, like them, is difficult to move quietly. But somehow he was surprised that there was no limit to the ability of the thunder fruit, and if the same was true of those demons, he would not have to worry about escaping, and might even kill one or two. As soon as the state jumped onto the edge of the suspended earth, the white cloud suddenly felt a “boom” and a tremendous pressure came, which made him almost kneel down directly, stagger and stand firm, and he looked at the middle in horror. See more than a dozen demon Lord, at this time is standing outside a circle of light dozens of Zhangs in size, a do not know how to start the appearance. Whether it is the white cloud or the main door of those demons, the magic power is suppressed in the body by a certain and mysterious power, which can not be used at all. The movement of the white clouds made the demons turn around and stare at him in amazement, not expecting that a half-emperor could fly here. Because even the semi-holy Lord, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,30ml dropper bottle, it is extremely difficult to fly up. According to their calculation, less than the top-grade Demon Emperor, it is difficult to fly up, because the more to the top, the more difficult the body’s vitality turnover, and after flying to the top will be completely suppressed in the body. It’s you! Get out of here! Taishi Demon Lord drank coldly, although the magic power was sealed, but the power of the half-saint, still can easily crush the half-emperor. What an imposing manner it is to treat a younger generation like this! Taishi Demon Lord’s voice just fell. There was a vigorous voice, and it turned out to be the Zhong Li Demon Lord. He said to Bai Yun, “Brother, ride on my side!” He did not recognize the man as Baiyun, but simply wanted to oppose the Taishi Demon Lord. Zhong Li Demon Lord! It doesn’t seem to matter to you how I treat a younger generation. Taishi Demon Lord looked ugly and said strongly. Hey “!”! It really has nothing to do with Lao Tzu. Zhong Li Demon Lord Hei ran a smile, then double coffee Yin Han ferocious: “But when are you going to give an explanation about Lao Tzu’s granddaughter?” “Are you going to learn from Huangfu and say that those people are traitors who have been expelled from their homes?” As soon as Zhong Li Demon Lord remembered that his precious granddaughter had almost died, plus the matter of the white clouds behind him, the anger that had been hidden in his heart broke out in vain, and he asked in a cold voice. Don’t make this about me! “Lord Huangfu interjected coldly.” Then I’ll do the math with you! Nalan Demon Lord, holding a tripod wooden dragon staff, said in a cold voice.
“Enough!”! Find a way to get inside first and get Xianzhen to say! Several Demon Saints frowned slightly, and could not help but stop the white clouds that had been forgotten on one side. At this time, they had slowly approached. He did not display the ability of thunder fruit, otherwise he would be seen through his identity. Must get jade slips quickly, identity has been seen through by those people below, can not hide for long! Bai Yun looked at the light curtain and frowned and thought. He spared a circle close to the light curtain, and did not go to the side of the demons, looking inside, his heart slightly stunned. There were many flowers and plants shining in the light curtain, but there was a transparent crystal coffin floating in the air, which could clearly see a woman lying inside, but because of the angle, the white clouds did not see her appearance, but it must be like a fairy. She was dressed in a snow-white dress, wearing various and dazzling crystals, which had gone through thousands of years without any decay. It was from this crystal coffin that the terrible pressure emanated, and the white clouds barely walked here, their feet already a little soft. Is she still alive? Is it really a fairy in ancient times? Numerous thoughts flashed through Baiyun’s mind, but then he was attracted by a piece of milky white jade on the top of the crystal coffin, which was the size of a palm. He guessed that this piece of jade should be the jade slip of this task. That man is a black white cloud! Just as the white cloud was about to release the ability of the thunder fruit and wanted to penetrate it, there was a sudden loud shout in the distance, which made him have a slight meal. But those demon masters stared and suddenly looked at the white cloud, and those who had enmity with the white cloud galloped straight over, trying to catch him: Nalan and Zhong Li, the two demon masters, hesitated slightly, but then followed them, but suddenly they looked ahead in astonishment and surprise. See the body of the white cloud was suddenly entangled by thunder and lightning, with the “Zizi” sound, it was extremely easy to enter the light curtain,Oil Dropper Bottle, so that those demons in the heart of the main door shock, tightly staring at the white cloud. Several demons even wanted to break the light curtain with brute force, but only caused a ripple.

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