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If he could read Weibo at this time he would find that the official Weibo of Changsheng Entertainment updated a message a few minutes ago denouncing plagiarism through the hot search alone and said that he would strongly support these composers to defend their rights provide them with direct funds and legal aid and win the favor of a large number of netizens He reached out with a trembling hand and failed to pick up the phone again several times Some things are broken when they are broken Chapter 57 The lawyer took over the Natural Products and Extracts matter of the composers suing alone and he finally had no energy and financial conditions to make trouble After a few snowfalls a city is very beautiful Today is a rare day with relatively warm weather It is a good day to go out for a walk Li You and Su Yan are not busy with their work but they stay at home What are you doing at home Play to play Li You recently encountered a bottleneck and Su Yan also felt it when he played with him Now both of them have the complete script of Emperor Biography Usually before shooting the actors’homework is to think about the characters by themselves or find someone else to give them some advice Like them they have a better chance to play directly when they are free In addition both of them are actors in the play which is equivalent to playing in advance Li You’s problem now is that Li Zhao played very well in the later period but he was not satisfied with Li Zhao who pretended to be stupid in front of others and was surly and sinister in the early period The so-called Yin ruthless in addition to ruthless but also Yin Li You showed the strength of the Yin clearance is actually enough but if the grade is divided into good and bad Su Yan felt that it was good but not excellent Li You gave himself a lower score In the past Li You played mostly positive images and it was his first contact with the protagonist like Li Zhao who had his own villain attributes It was fresh and challenging Well no it could be better Su Yanqu pointed to the script “The fear of Li Zhao who works for him secretly stems from the most instinctive trembling of survival that is the problem of life and death the instinct of biology” Li You who was playing the role of Li Zhao just now restrained his expression He frowned “I feel a little bit missing when I play it myself” “Don’t worry” Su Yan reached out and smoothed Li You’s eyebrows “Let’s reorganize it” Li You took advantage of the situation to pinch Su Yan’s hand and kissed him on his fingertips motioning him to say Su Yan Li Zhao’s dark side is different from Qin Lou’s Qin Lou had a warm life when he was young but Li Zhao didn’t Li Zhao grew up in the palace As a prince he did not have the favor of the emperor and the concubines In fact he had nothing Even the servants dared to treat him harshly He was abandoned by everyone “He also looked forward to his father and mother When he was young he thought he was not good enough He stretched out his hand full of hope but was shattered by the cruel reality He was pushed away in despair and helplessness” Li You nodded It is everything in the palace created the dark side of Li Zhao he did not get the heart in addition to their own who do not believe secretly developed confidant in his eyes is only to use the relationship Such a man with thorns all over his body who is caught and stabbed Chemicals Suppliers is ruthless and does not want to die nor does he want his own life Yin paranoia is vividly displayed in him Until the appearance of Qin Lou Li Zhao complained about why he was born in the royal family and I complained about my birth when I was young but it’s not enough to try to think about it Li You said “His hatred is too deep He can’t choose the home and time of his birth He was born an alien and hated by everyone No one expects him to be good His brothers bully him Even his mother beats and punishes him at every turn His servants dare to bully him There is no light in his life” If only ignored Li Zhao may feel that his life is not interesting but the pain on him is so much that he will feel that if he dies in vain he will be too unwilling So he wants revenge on all those who pushed him to this point These analyses are similar to what was said before Su Yan thought about it put down the script and made an action close to Li You I am the person you want to rely on most and you are full of expectations for me Su Yan gazes at Li You with eager and affectionate eyes Strong empathy makes the nerves in Li You’s brain buzz At this time you have no doubt that the person in front of you regards you as his whole world Li You understood and followed Su Yan’s guidance “I held out my hand to you”
” Su Yan stretched out his hand but his eyes suddenly changed One second he was still affectionate but the next second he suddenly gave full play to his abhorrence “But you found that all the beauty is just your own hope and imagination I will never hold your outstretched hand and I will push you away without mercy just like this” Su Yan clapped his hand and made a gentle push His Agrochemicals eyes always fell on Li You Li You felt his heart suddenly empty for a moment and subconsciously reached out and grabbed Su Yan’s wrist Su Yan blinked and his expression returned to normal Do you feel anything Li You did not make a sound seized the feeling just now and savored it carefully constantly recalling the instantaneous change in Su Yan’s eyes broken collapsed Abandoned by Su Yan abandoned by the person he loved most and expected most and experienced more than once it was the experience that made Li Zhao It’s more than a feeling Playing it back in your head for the umpteenth time is self-abuse But yes although it was blocked Li You clearly knew that the feeling was stronger than before Li You loosened his wrist turned over the script quickly and made the final decision “I think of a way come on you play the emperor and the imperial concubine the early fragments are OK I think listening to you read I feel more than I imagined” Both Li Zhao and Qin Lou had young actors when they were young and they were also an important part of the two adults when they were young Of course they could not let go This is to shape the feeling from the beginning Su Yan understood very willing to cooperate They turned to one of the pages and Su Yan read out the description of the background environment with full emotion which was fascinating Father seven elder brother’s wound is not me I did not “Shut up!”! I don’t have such a cruel and lying rebellious son like you! What else do you want to do in the future if you can do it to your own brother Ah Say it! “No son no child father father” Young Li Zhao wept blood in exchange for the emperor’s rage or indifference forever and his mother and concubine also hated him

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